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How many credit cards can I have?

How many credit cards can I have?


Although at this time of consumption and advertising we all dream of having a large amount of plastics that solve our existence and allow us to have that product or service that pleases us, it is a reality that never … is never convenient:

To think that a card Credit will solve our life and even less believe that many will.

To think that a card Credit will solve our life and even less believe that many will.

If you have ever wondered, how many credit cards can I have? maybe you’re asking your question wrong, maybe you should ask yourself how many credit cards can i keep?

Thousands! If you wish. If your credit history in the Credit Bureau is good and if banks allow it, you could accumulate hundreds of plastics, since there is currently no regulation that controls the issuance of credit lines by financial institutions. Nor is there a stipulated limit of lines of credit that a person must have.

How many credit cards can I have? Many, however, the real problem is not in the number of cards that a person possesses, but in the control he maintains over them. That is why we must ask ourselves the following question …

How many credit cards can I keep?

There the answer already changes. And of course, spending is not the same as having to pay. Let’s analyze the point. A credit card requires the payment of certain commissions in order to function:

  • Annuity

In the best case that you are a totalero and compliant customer , it does not exempt you from paying the annuity. On average each credit card generates an annual or deferred fee of about $ 600.oo Could you face 5 or six equal charges?

  • Interest

The interests are independent in each credit card , although they are not equal for each card, on average they handle a CAT of 32%. Imagine now paying this commission percentage for each plastic you handle

  • Dates of court and payment

Each card handles similar cut-off and payment dates, usually around two to three days before and after the fortnight, however, would you memorize the cut-off date and payment of 7 credit cards ? Required payments of each?

  • Payments

Most importantly, assuming you use all the cards to buy or pay for services or products, how much would each card require as payment each month?

The question is not how many credit cards can I keep? If not, how many of those who could grant me can I afford?

The ideal of two cards

credit card

Condusef and You Decide You   They recommend handling 2 credit cards maximum. Since it is the ideal amount to be able to pay the cost and keep the proper control of payments and purchases. The vast majority of people who purchase a third or fourth card do so in order to have a larger credit margin , without realizing that they are exposing their ability to pay and their credit history .

It is not a good idea to handle many credits, in plastic or as personal credits . The sum of payments and commissions could absorb your salary. We recommend the following:

  • Use only two credit cards , if necessary, you can opt for one more, as long as it is departmental, without annuity and use it only as a means of payment to take advantage of promotions and seasonal discounts
  • If you wish to have a larger line of credit, do not request more plastics, better use your card for a period of 6 to 12 months, liquidating month by month and the bank itself will increase the line on your current card
  • Choose only two cards that really serve you according to your profile. To choose the ideal credit cards you can compare commissions, features and requirements in our online comparator

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