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For a 2019 Debt Free

For a 2019 Debt Free

December is one of the times of the year where more is spent, according to data from the consulting firm Kantar WorldPanel increases to 8.7% more than the rest of the year expenses, also the purchase ticket rises by 12%.

The time merits making some extra expenses and being in mood; love and peace with the best vibes and distributing affection is not bad! The bad thing is to spend more and without planning because of lack of it originate endless debts.

You end the year with a flourish, but, and the next one, how do you plan to live it?

You end the year with a flourish, but, and the next one, how do you plan to live it?

In December, the expenses that increase are food, alcoholic beverages, hot drinks such as table chocolate, dairy products; personal care: lotions, perfumes, makeup, dyes; clothing, underwear and cleaning supplies, according to the consultant.

To give the card!

To give the card!

If you realize those expenses you should not pay them by credit card unless you are a “totalero”, but if not, refrain from using that method of purchase; Do not use your credit card as an extension of your salary.

I do not want to look like spoilers, however, it is very important that you foresee the immediate expenses such as gifts from the Magi, payment of services, and of course avoid the famous January slope where the prices of the basic basket go up in price, and in case If that were not enough, uncertainty and speculation about the new government are doing the same in the economy. But to get rid of it financially in 2019 you must be aware of how much income you will have (fortnight, bonuses, savings banks, bonus) and based on the sum of them you will know how much you can spend.

Under this context, I remembered the slogan “Give affection, do not buy it” disseminated by the Federal Attorney General’s Office (Profeco) in 1982. At 36 years it is worth remembering and thinking two or three times every expense you will make.

The point is not to be king by season, but always. So, if you are excited to receive and give gifts, spend it from meeting to meeting with friends, brand new, etc. Think about how you want to spend next year, there is no father who, if you bought something that you wanted so much tomorrow, you will pawn it, you do not believe! or you can not go out with your friends because it does not reach you and you thunder your fingers to take out the fortnight expenses.

For a 2019 Debt Free


1.- Make a budget

2.- Give good use to your Christmas bonus

3.- Cancel credit cards that you do not use or that do not go with your lifestyle.

4.- Save. Minimum 10 percent of your income.

5.- Do not spend more than you have.

6.- Do not allocate more than 30% of your income to the payment of debts.

7.- Be a totalero customer or as much as possible, pay more than the minimum.

8.- Cancel insurance that you do not use, that is also ant spending.

8.- Pay your debts

9.- Approach financial education issues , minimum so that you carry your finances properly.

10.- Invest.

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